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Future Faces of Forestry

We are passionate about showcasing the many, varying pathways you can take with a career in forestry.

Originally involved in Future Foresters as the SNI Regional Leader, I have now been on the Executive Committee since 2022. I work as a Registered Forest Consultant for Forme Consulting Group Ltd in Christchurch.

I chose forestry for the diverse career pathways available, and the large mix of both small business and large businesses. I saw its importance in the New Zealand economy and love being part of a primary industry sector. The mix of indoor and outdoor work is awesome and I am passionate about ensuring a sustainable forestry sector going forward. Forestry is part of our planet's future and it is exciting to see more uses of innovative wood products being used on our path to fight climate change. I am also on the Council for the New Zealand Institute of Forestry (NZIF) and was awarded the Prince of Wales award for Sustainable Forestry in 2022.


Jack Palmer

Executive Committee

Based in Hawkes Bay, I’m currently working as the Harvesting Operations Coordinator for Pan Pac Forest Products. I was the Regional Leader for Future Foresters in Hawkes Bay for 2022 but have since moved to the Executive Committee. I have a background in Environmental Planning and fell into the industry by accident.

No day in forestry is the same. You are constantly working in new areas whether that be in different places altogether or new settings within a forest.

I love seeing how harvesting operations unfold and enjoy navigating challenges as they arise throughout the block. You also get to see some amazing places you would never get to see otherwise!


Kendra Monteith

Executive Committee

Based in Tauranga I am currently working as a Graduate Forester managing establishment and silviculture for Rayonier Matariki Forests. I am also the CNI Regional Leader for Future Foresters.

I chose forestry on a whim! One of the UC Forestry Professors visited my school and talked to us– and I thought it sounded like a bit of me! I had no idea what to expect but it was the best decision I could have made.

I love working in the forestry industry because each day is unique, one day I might be inspecting the wetlands in our forest, the next I might be at the nursery checking out our future crop!

I am passionate about all the eco-system benefits forestry can provide to NZ. Forests provide a habitat for our threatened birds, offset our carbon emissions and improve our water quality– how cool is all that!


Katie Yallop

Regional Leader - CNI

Based on the East Coast in Gisborne, I work for Ernslaw One Ltd as the Harvest Manager. I am the East coast regional leader for Future Foresters.

Forestry’s in my blood, I remember tagging along with my old man charging around Mangatu Forest as a young fella and now I’m working in that exact forest. I thrive on the fact that forestry is an industry which stretches the brain and keeps things interesting, particularly on the forever challenging East Coast.

When I’m away from work I enjoy chasing a few pigs and deer around the ngahere, dropping a lure in the big ol’ blue or spending time with my whanau.


Buck Trafford

Regional Leader - East Coast

Based in Whangarei, Northland, I work as a Harvesting and Forest Manager for ForestryCo.

I chose to study forestry after talking to a family friend in the industry. Originally, I had very little knowledge about forestry and what was involved in working in the industry, but thought it would be a good fit for me as I love being outside. The best part about working in forestry is the variety of work, it is a nice mix between technical office work and practical field work. The people in the industry are great and it’s a very tightknit community. There isn’t one part I am particularly passionate about but the whole cycle of the industry. It is very satisfying watching forests grow and produce a sustainable resource that is used in so many ways.

Forestry is an awesome industry that I am proud to be working in. Along with the other Future Foresters I am passionate about spreading the word and providing support for anyone who wants to explore the industry.


Robert Morbey

Regional Leader - Northland

I am a for graduate resource forester OneFortyOne and New Zealand Forests based in Nelson/Tasman. I work as a Regional Leader for Top of the South for Future Foresters.

I started off studying environmental science and law but made the switch to forestry because it combines a lot of skills/subjects which I enjoyed - it’s like a management, science, geography, economics, political science and engineering degree all in one! The numerous job opportunities available and the potential to be involved in some real meaningful work was also a plus!

Within forestry, I’m passionate about the fact that it’s an industry that has the potential to do a lot of good for the environment, being a part of an industry that is a carbon sink is pretty cool! I’m also excited to see all the future developments to current technologies within the industry- there really is something for everyone!


Jamila Milne

Regional Leader - Top of the South

Based in Rotorua, I work for Manulife Forest Management New Zealand as a Forest Supervisor. I am also an Executive Committee Member for Future Foresters. Previously, I’ve also been involved with social media and the
University of Canterbury Student Leader.

I chose to pursue a career in forestry after learning the exciting opportunities that the industry offered. I’ve always had a passion for the environment, science and problem-solving. Our industry offers all of it and if I can help encourage other young people to choose a forestry career path then that’s awesome!


Marcella Pitt

Executive Committee

Based in Wellington, I work for Te Uru Rākau- New Zealand Forest Service leading our team’s forestry economic development portfolio under the Forestry and Wood Processing Industry Transformation Plan. I provide strategic advice on the benefits of forestry, the opportunities in multi-purpose forest management, and how the industry will transform over the next century with climate change. I love forestry because of its ability to address so many complex problems we’re facing. Unlike many other land-uses in New Zealand, the impact of forestry decisions may not be felt for multiple generations: for this reason, I’m constantly honoured and humbled by the responsibility and opportunity to be involved with national-level decision making.

When I’m away from work, you can find me mountain biking…or at least trying to do something fun in the mountains. I also spend a significant amount of time wrangling my two daughters and teaching them about how wonderful trees are.


Evan Powell

Executive Committee

My role in Future Foresters is the Canterbury Region leader, this means organizing events whether they be social, professional development or industry engagement!

I’m in my first year out of uni working as a Forest/ETS Manager for Forest Management Limited, my role largely involves establishment, based in Christchurch with forests all over Canterbury. It’s a mix of in office and out in the field meeting with landowners and contractors.

I chose forestry as a career as it’s an industry that allows me to spend time in New Zealand’s great outdoors and meet like minded people striving for a better future for New Zealand.


Dominic Cleary

Regional Leader - Canterbury

I am the regional leader for Future foresters in the Hawkes Bay region. I studied forestry science at Canterbury Uni and finished at the end of 2022. I now work in Hawkes Bay as a technical forester for FMNZ (Forest Management New Zealand). This is a varied role that sees me making maps one day and using them out in the field the next!

I chose forestry as I have a passion for the outdoors and the challenges that it offered. I am passionate about doing something that I believe has economic and environmental benefits so coming into forestry ticked all the right boxes for me. I love the industry and am passionate about it. I am excited to see where this journey as a forester will take me in the future as there is a lot of space for technological development going forward.


Harry Dinneen

Regional Leader - Hawkes Bay

I’m Tor Drummond and work as a Forest Development Manager (soon to be Production & Engineering Manager) in the mighty Wairarapa. I’m the new Regional Manager for the Southern North Island. I’m also the black sheep of my family, as everyone else is a farmer. Forestry is never boring for me as each day can consist of a mixture of office and/or fieldwork, working alone or with my colleagues or contractors. I love being able to plan each day as new challenges comes along, this definitely isn’t a 9 to 5 job (sorry Dolly). My favourite tree is the beautiful coastal redwood, so let me know where all the good stands are! I look forward to being able to kick-start some catch ups with the rest of the Southern North Island Future Foresters.
I didn’t choose forestry, forestry choose me!


Tor Drummond

Regional Leader - Southern North Island


Team Spotlights

We are passionate about showcasing the many, varying pathways you can take with a career in forestry.


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