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Future Faces of Forestry

We are passionate about showcasing the many, varying pathways you can take with a career in forestry.

Based in Whangarei, Northland, I work as a Harvesting and Forest Manager for ForestryCo.

I chose to study forestry after talking to a family friend in the industry. Originally, I had very little knowledge about forestry and what was involved in working in the industry, but thought it would be a good fit for me as I love being outside. The best part about working in forestry is the variety of work, it is a nice mix between technical office work and practical field work. The people in the industry are great and it’s a very tightknit community. There isn’t one part I am particularly passionate about but the whole cycle of the industry. It is very satisfying watching forests grow and produce a sustainable resource that is used in so many ways.

Forestry is an awesome industry that I am proud to be working in. Along with the other Future Foresters I am passionate about spreading the word and providing support for anyone who wants to explore the industry.


Robert Morbey

Northland Regional Leader

Based in Rotorua, I work for Manulife Forest Management New Zealand as a Technical Forester. I am also an Executive Committee Member for Future Foresters! Previously I’ve also been involved with social media and the
University of Canterbury Student Leader.

I chose to pursue a career in forestry after learning the exciting opportunities that the industry offered. I’ve always had a passion for the environment, science and problem-solving. Our industry offers all of it and if I can help encourage other young people to choose a forestry career path then that’s awesome!


Marcella Pitt

Executive Committee Member

I am a Harvesting Supervisor for Forest Enterprises based in Wairarapa. I also work as the Southern North Island Regional Leader for Fututre Foresters.

I grew up in forestry and loved the work-life balance as well as having a job with both forest and office-based work. There are always new challenges to overcome and plan around. I am passionate about getting forestry more exposure, showing its many positive sides and promote it as a career path in schools.


Max Saathof

Southern North Island Regional Leader

Kia ora! I’m Alfred Duval and I’ve been on the Future Foresters Executive Committee since day one as a founding member. I work across the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions as an all-round technical and operational forester for Port Blakely. Like many people in the industry, I have been extremely fortunate to discover a forestry career that has allowed me to develop professionally whilst working with trees, forests, the environment, and, of course, the awesome people that make up our collaborative sector. Through Future Foresters and the support of Port Blakely I have been lucky enough to be a part of Government and industry working groups, speak at international conferences, and even meet the King of England! (he wasn’t the king at the time…). Churr to the trees!


Alfred Duval

Founding Member on the Executive Committee

Based in Tauranga I am currently working as a Graduate Forester managing establishment and silviculture for Rayonier Matariki Forests. I am also the CNI Regional Leader for Future Foresters.

I chose forestry on a whim! One of the UC Forestry Professors visited my school and talked to us– and I thought it sounded like a bit of me! I had no idea what to expect but it was the best decision I could have made.

I love working in the forestry industry because each day is unique, one day I might be inspecting the wetlands in our forest, the next I might be at the nursery checking out our future crop!

I am passionate about all the eco-system benefits forestry can provide to NZ. Forests provide a habitat for our threatened birds, offset our carbon emissions and improve our water quality– how cool is all that!


Katie Yallop

CNI Regional Leader

I am a Harvest Forester, so I look after harvest planning, roading and our biofuels operations. I work for Rayonier Matariki Forests in Invercargill. For Future Foresters I am the Otago/Southland Representative.

I chose forestry because I loved that I could work in a sustainable industry, get to enjoy the outdoors whilst working in a rewarding job. No two days are ever the same in my job and I get to see some spectacular parts of our beautiful country. There are also many opportunities to build relationships and meet some pretty cool people from contractors to other awesome humans throughout the industry.

I am really passionate to work with and inspire the next generation of Future Foresters. I am fortunate to be in a position where I can share the variety of jobs and opportunities there are within the industry and help to educate those who know little or nothing of the forest industry.


Sarah de Gouw

Otago/Southland Representative

Based in Hawkes Bay, I’m currently working as the Harvesting Operations Coordinator for Pan Pac Forest Products. I am also the Regional Leader for Future Foresters in Hawkes Bay. I have a background in Environmental Planning and fell into the industry by accident.

No day in forestry is the same. You are constantly working in new areas whether that be in different places altogether or new settings within a forest.

I love seeing how harvesting operations unfold and enjoy navigating challenges as they arise throughout the block. You also get to see some amazing places you would never get to see otherwise!


Kendra Monteith

Hawkes Bay Regional Leader

I’ve been on the Future Foresters Executive Committee since day one as a founding member. I work as a Registered Forest Consultant for Forme Consulting Group Ltd in Wellington.

I chose forestry for the diverse career pathways available, and the large mix of both small business and large businesses. I saw its importance in the New Zealand economy and love being part of a primary industry sector. The mix of indoor and outdoor work is awesome and I am passionate about ensuring a sustainable forestry sector going forward. Forestry is part of our planets future and it is exciting to see more uses of innovative wood products being used on our path to fight climate change. I am also on the Council for the New Zealand Institute of Forestry (NZIF)


Jack Palmer

Member on the Executive Committee

My role in Future Foresters is the Canterbury Region leader, this means organizing events whether they be social, professional development or industry engagement!

I’m in my first year out of uni working as a Forest/ETS Manager for Forest Management Limited, my role largely involves establishment, based in Christchurch with forests all over Canterbury. It’s a mix of in office and out in the field meeting with landowners and contractors.

I chose forestry as a career as it’s an industry that allows me to spend time in New Zealand’s great outdoors and meet like minded people striving for a better future for New Zealand.


Dominic Cleary

Canterbury Regional Leader

I am the Forest Estate Manager and I manage the R&D, biosecurity and genetics side of things for Rayonier Matariki Forests in Canterbury. I am also a founding member on the Executive Committee.

I initially chose forestry because of the numerous job opportunities and I stayed because of the people, the work variety and the stunning views!

I’m really passionate about spreading the word of how many different opportunities there are in forestry for all sorts of people. There is a huge range of different roles so you can pick something that suits you; from research or environmental management, to building roads, to establishing the next crop.

Email: acacia.farmery

Acacia Farmery

Founding Member on the Executive Committee

I am a for graduate resource forester OneFortyOne and New Zealand Forests based in Nelson/Tasman. I work as a Regional Leader for Top of the South for Future Foresters.

I started off studying environmental science and law but made the switch to forestry because it combines a lot of skills/subjects which I enjoyed - it’s like a management, science, geography, economics, political science and engineering degree all in one! The numerous job opportunities available and the potential to be involved in some real meaningful work was also a plus!

Within forestry, I’m passionate about the fact that it’s an industry that has the potential to do a lot of good for the environment, being a part of an industry that is a carbon sink is pretty cool! I’m also excited to see all the future developments to current technologies within the industry- there really is something for everyone!


Jamila Milne

Regional Leader for Top of the South

I am an East Coast Manager for Pacific Forest Products NZ Ltd based in Tairāwhiti. I am also the Gisborne Regional Leader for Future Foresters.

I stumbled into Forestry by chance really and have ended up enjoying it. I am more in the logistics/export side and work in a fast-paced environment and enjoy the various challenges that come with on-the-spot problem solving – no two days are the same. Personally, forestry has given me incredible opportunities career and travel wise which I am grateful for.


Georgia Craig

Gisborne Regional Leader


Team Spotlights

We are passionate about showcasing the many, varying pathways you can take with a career in forestry.


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