Q. What is a Future Forester?

A Future Forester is someone who cares about the future of forestry and wants to be a part of forestry’s future – confusing enough?

Basically a Future Forester is someone who is in the earlier stages of their career. When you decide you no longer relate to the new industry up-and-comers then it’s probably about time you thought about not renewing your membership. We realise there may be foresters who mightn’t be young in age but are young in experience so we do not want to discourage them from being involved.

Perhaps not the greatest definition however we are trying to balance two things: 1) we don’t want to exclude industry new-entrants just because they might be a little older than what is typically perceived as ‘young’, and 2) we need a certain level of exclusivity to make the group unique and to truly represent the young within the industry.


Q. Am i too old to be a Future Forester?

If you’ve been in the industry for more than 10 years then it’s likely you might be starting to push the definition of a ‘young forester’. However don’t let that discourage you, our boundaries for what is considered ‘young’ are not set in stone and if you still provide a relatable face to school leavers and current students then hey, who’s to say you are not a Future Forester!


Q. Where are you based?

We are based in the hearts of all young passionate foresters.

But seriously Future Foresters does not have an HQ because the committee is formed from a geographically diverse bunch of follks. We hope to provide regional and national committee contacts for anyone wishing to learn more or get involved however no physical base as such (yet!).


Q. How can I get my hands on FF swag?

Ahh the exclusive and highly demanded Future Foresters attire…
There is only one way to obtain the elusive FF swag and that’s by attending Future Foresters events. This is the only way. We have to maintain some form of bribery to get people along right?... This is our way of ensuring exclusivity of one of the many members’ only privileges and ensuring people stay involved and engaged.


Q. What support can my company offer?

Whether you own the company or it’s the company you work for there are a multitude of ways you can help. Future Foresters is always looking for any advice, collaboration, support (yes that can be financial! Did someone say sponsorship…?), or guidance we can get. We promote any company to support their young forester’s by allowing and encouraging them to get involved with Future Foresters and spend time getting out into schools and organising events. We believe it is in companies’ best interests to have their young people involved in FF because they will be connected to like-minded peers to share ideas with, have their voice heard on industry issues, and provide a sense of community that they might not find in their work environment.


Q. What can Future Foresters do for me?

  • Provide a platform for you to have your voice heard by the wider industry.
  • Connect you to a community of young foresters within your region and nationwide.
  • Help you with resources when talking and presenting to secondary schools and career events.
  • Provide a warm, welcoming, and social environment for continued professional development, a platform for forestry discussion, and an opportunity for professional networking at its finest.