"People think forestry is only for lumberjacks & chainsaws"

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How we work

We get together

Future Foresters is a community. As young people move into the workforce & shape their careers, its important to stay connected with their peers. Through local & national events we create a space where like-minded individuals can get together & support each other. 

Future Foresters host a range of events; from "networking" BBQ's through professional development sessions. 

We spread the word

Our passion is to open the minds of young people & help highlight the amazing career opportunities available in the forestry industry.  Future Foresters facilitate & provide resources for our members to showcase these careers in schools & careers events across New Zealand.

Go out on a limb, share your ideas & we will make it happen!

We contribute

Forestry is about long-term thinking; the seeds you plant today, will be the ideas that grow & benefit you in the future. Future Foresters can get your voice heard by industry leaders. Through our communication channels we give our members the opportunity to share their feedback with the wider industry.

Future Foresters already has a voice on industry committees.

Currently we are involved in:

  • Training and Careers Committee
  • Forest Bio-security Consultative Committee
  • Promotions Committee